A Message from the Baker

Debbie Paine – Chief Baking Officer

I have been baking cookies for a very long time. My first customers were my
three children. I’d make two different cookies for them ~ the oatmeal/raisins/
chocolate chip/coconut/nut cookies and the solo chocolate chip cookies ~ and
they’d beg for more. And now these cookies have been a staple in my house
for nearly 40 years. Over time, I’ve added several other cookies to my menu ~
the cookies that we now call Goosebumps!

Our cookie company’s name is Goosebumps because of the experience that
comes with each bite. I watched my children chew my cookies and, when they
took a bite, they closed their eyes, they rubbed their arms, they moaned and
sighed…and then they wanted more. They said they got goosebumps when
they ate them, and they certainly were happy! I’m hoping that you will be too!

Now, because friends and family have challenged me to go to market
with my cookies, I am more than happy to offer you the experience of being
happy with Goosebumps cookies!