Goosebumps cookies make you happy! They really do!
The pleasure that comes with every bite is a result of our
unique recipes and their very special preparation.

It’s the unique blend of ingredients (all natural and NO
preservatives), the way we make the batter, how long the
cookies are baked and how long they are cooled ~ that make
each of the following Goosebumps cookies a happy and
memorable experience:
It’s the cookie
that only a
mother’s love
can bake!
The Oatmeal/Raisin/
Chocolate Chip/
cookie is
an amalgam of flavors
that enlivens your
taste buds and begs for
another bite.
The Chocolate Chip
cookie is crisp on the
outside and chewy on
the inside…the way
most people like them.
The Sugar Cookie is
crisp and tender and
melts in your mouth.
The Peanut Butter
cookie is tender and
chewy – and, for an
extra boost, you can
order it with chocolate
Remember, when you purchase your Goosebumps, refrigerate or freeze them.
Frozen Goosebumps take only 10 minutes to defrost, so you can have fresh Goosebumps ready for any occasion.